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The Crux

Funk / Synthwave / Breakbeat / Hip Hop / Electonica 

The Crux is the centre of the centre for Retro Funk Electronic Grooves. A producer/musician/DJ from Sydney Australia who combines a filthy mix instrumentation, sampling and production that takes influence from synth funk, electronica, bass music, hip hop and house music  

Latest EP "Freak Revolution" Out now!

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Music Reviews

"Wow! Now we talk! Finally some fire in this place. Lovely funky bass."  - Lars Sandren

"Seriously Funky" - Cyberwave Music

"Awesome funky hooks and a groove that made me want to move throughout" - Synthwave Sounds

"Amazing Track!" - C-Bass Music

"The synth works are amazing here" - Stereofox


Sydney, Australia

+61 408 602 074

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